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Tree Service Pros Of Billings

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Trust our tree cabling and bracing services for the help that you need. We are a trustworthy tree service company based in Billings, MT. Our team provides high-quality cabling and bracing services throughout the city. Choose Tree Service Pros of Billings as the company to help you to support and strengthen your trees. We are a professional tree service company and have helped to cable and brace many different trees. Our team will assess your tree and will choose a bracing or cabling system to suit the particular needs of your tree. We use first-rate steel materials to secure your trees and to ensure long-lasting results.

High Winds

High winds can be severely damaging to trees, especially for trees that are already weakened or damaged in some way. Tree cabling and bracing can be great ways to help to strengthen your trees and to avoid any additional damage from occurring. Strong winds can destabilize trees and can cause branches or limbs to break. We will carefully install a structured cabling and bracing system to prevent this from happening. Our team can attach a variety of flexible steel cables and rigid rods to support the structural strength of your tree. The right cabling and bracing service will help your tree to resist damage during storms and high winds.

Snow and Ice

Winter is often a more difficult period of time for your trees. Snow and ice can be damaging as the additional weight puts your tree under more strain. The weight puts pressure on the tree and can cause or worsen parts of the tree that are already weak. Cabling and bracing systems can help to provide the structural support that trees need during times of bad weather. Well-installed cabling and bracing systems will assist in spreading the weight of snow and ice more evenly. They will also offer extra support so that the tree can handle more additional weight without it causing breaks.


Pre-existing weaknesses in your tree will put the tree under additional pressure. Weaknesses can also cause a tree to be unable to grow properly or to become deformed over time. Our expertly designed and carefully installed tree cabling and bracing systems will offer your tree the structural support that it needs. The systems that we use can compensate for weaknesses and will help the tree to grow well despite any damages or weak spots. Bracing and cabling support not only provides your tree with a better future but also helps to prevent branches or limbs from becoming fall risks.

Safe Installations

Installing cabling and bracing systems in trees can be difficult and potentially dangerous. Most systems are installed higher in the tree and installing them requires working at heights with specialist equipment. Tree Service Pros of Billings are one of the best tree companies in the city. You can count on us for safe and fast cabling and bracing installations. Our team will ensure that your tree and your property are both protected as much as possible. Before any installations begin, our experts will inspect and assess your tree. This allows us to decide on the optimum cabling and bracing system for your tree and gives us time to plan the installation.