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Stump Grinding & Removal

Trust Tree Service Pros of Billings to provide the professional stump grinding and removal services that you require. Stumps can be the result of having a tree removed from your property. It is essential that the stump that the tree leaves behind in managed and dealt with accordingly. A stump can cause a variety of issues and should not be left behind for the safety of your property and your family. Our top-notch tree services are the most competitively priced in the city of Billings. You can count on us for affordable and fast stump grinding and removal services.


Stumps can be a safety risk in your yard. The low height of most stumps means that they can often blend into the grass that surrounds them. If stumps cannot be easily seen then they can become trip hazards. This is especially dangerous for families with very old or young members. A stump can also cause issues if it is accidentally hit by a lawnmower. An accident like this can damage your lawnmower and require expensive repairs. Our team can help to grind or remove the stump on your property so that it can’t cause any damage to your family or your property


Pests are another potential risk that can come from leaving stumps on your property. Stumps can rot over time and this can attract pests. Wood rot is troublesome and can lead to pest or disease problems on your property. Pests or diseases that are attracted to the wood rot can spread to other areas of your yard and even into your home. The best way to avoid these problems and the expensive fixes that they require is to grind or remove any stumps that are on your property. Our team is here to help you to avoid any future pest or disease issues.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is one of the quickest ways to get rid of a stump so that it cannot rot or become hazardous. This process involves grinding the part of the stump that sits above the ground but does not involve removing the roots of the tree. Stump grinding is an ideal way to get rid of a stump so that you can continue to use your yard as you wish. It is a faster and cheaper alternative compared with total stump removal. The stump grinding process requires specialist grinding equipment that should only be handled by professionals. Trust our team for stump grinding services that you can trust.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a more complete way to tackle a stump. This process is generally more expensive and more time-consuming than stump grinding. However, it also comes with many benefits. Our stump removal service may be ideal for you if you are looking to re-use the land where your stump currently is. This is particularly relevant if you are looking to build on the area. Stumps must be removed so that foundations can be safely laid. Tree Service Pros of Billings can provide you with the fastest and most affordable stump removals in the city. We offer excellent services that will remove the stump and clear the area after the removal has been completed.